Corner Cubby Bench / Coat Rack
2 Woods
Maple (M)
Oak (O)
6 Styles
Federal (F)
Federal Crown (FC)
Face Frame (FF)
Face Frame Crown (FFC)
Regal (R)
Shaker (S)

All Corner Cubby Coat Racks feature sturdy double pronged coat hooks.

  • Lip on Corner Cubby Bench can be modified to place multiple units next to each other.
  • Lip adds .75" to each side of bench.
  • Backs add .25" to length of each side of Corner Cubby Benches / Racks.



Light Khaki

Cushions are all 3" high. Two cushions needed for Corner Cubby Bench; use one 35" and one 19" cushion. 

Code: -CUB2 / -CUB4


Corner Cubby Bench

Standard Sizes

Width: 36" x 36"
Height: 18"
Depth: 16"

Corner Cubby Coat Rack

Standard Sizes

Width: 36" x 36"
Height: 21"
Depth: 12"
  • Available Size Modifications: Width, Height & Depth.